Monday, November 28, 2011

crazy people & 26.11.2011, my nephew birthdayy :D

haiiilooooo,1st,eherm,i need to post was crazy people > me and my sistarrrr :)
the glove so cute right?
its all my sister idea :)
it looks like IQ professor??
the penguin was cute!!! with my sister spec :D
very long long long caterpillar :) ABCDEFG......
the mp3 or phone drag was cute and it just left the last 1 TT
OMG!!! i seems like crazy gurl when i saw this shop name !!!
more clearly!!! TOTORO !!! my dar-lingg :) nephew birthdayy celebration..
happy birthdayy lar Lenis Goh Shu Ting, u r already 7 years old , i love u :D
when my nun ask her wad does she wanted to eat, she told my mum tat she wanted to eat PIZZA HUT!!! haha ^^
at pizza hut, #mushroom sup !!!
Shu Ting's birthdayy ice-cream cake, Häagen-Dazs !!!
Happy Birthdayy to u !
happy birthdayy to shu ting !

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