Sunday, November 06, 2011

jump over the rainbow :)

#puzzle 1
#puzzle 2 something i did when i am crazy ! :)
#my older sister pic 1
she also accompany me did something crazy like this " JUMPING LIKE A CRAZY " haha :P
gap zai (Y) haha
is she hot? ==?
the things i shock is - WHY THE BANANA SO LONG AND BIG? haha
see the normal size d banana and see the GIANT banana....very big different weih!!!
she very cute right? my cousin :D
hehehe @@
when i smile to her, she will smile like this to me :D
wearing my sunglasses again ...haiz ...
act cute? ahahaha :D
this wan nice ... *
i felt happy during that day because i saw many disgusting things :D

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