Sunday, November 13, 2011

11.11.2011 :)

spicy ramen! ho-chiak :p
Ke Qing makan my ramen TT
starbucks citrus fruit juice (Y)
nice !
u smile,i smile :)
muackssss :0
Ke Qing with her mocha ice-blended, i saw this pic then let me figure something we did so "yu" d things...hahaha :D
Subway Burrggeerrr~
can see the tomatoes and cucumber with ham and cheese inside? Delicious !
After i took the half burger with tomatoes and cucumber, this half burger with cheese and ham is for Ke Qing ^^ can see wad Shu Ee doing?
Yummy burger!
eat-eat :)
with Shu Ee !
with Ke Qing !
:P Bluek ><
so weih lor me...haiz
three of us :)

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