Thursday, June 14, 2012

Melacca with loves ♥

Hello ! Enjoyed my holidays at Melacca 2 days 1 night trip with the lovess ! 

Uhmmm , here's some photos I want to share :) 

Day 1 ♥

Heading to Melacca , with Jeanne :)

Shu ee & Ke qing 

Loveessss !  

Hi ! :) 

Our room  

SE & JY 

Melacca Jonker Street (afternoon)

Yummy ! :)


The famous ABC in Melacca , with sugar Melacca ♥

ABC with durian flavour + sugar Melacca ♥

Most Famous Asam Laksa in Melacca town 


Hi ! 

Girlss ! 

Who's in my sunglasses ? 


Love this feel ♥

Sunshine :)

Pose Queen ! :D

Roof top of the hotel , nice view !

Jonker Street at night :)

Bing tang hu lu ♥

Crunchy potato chips , yummy !

Lok Lok !

Long beans while Lok Lok 

Romantic moment 

Day 2 

We woke up and having our 'lunch' :P

We walked along the street , finally we found it ! 

The most famous chicken rice in Melacca town , peoples call this shop as 'chicken rice shop under the bridge' ! :)


Famous in Melacca , ' rice ball '

I love my hair colour , tied by SE 

Then we continue our next station , *talangggg*-  NADEJE

The Mille Cripe , also known as 'thousand pieces cake' shop !

Original Flavour 

Mango Flavour 

Mocha Flavour 

Cheese Flavour 


Creamy Mushroom soup 

Meet up with Babes at Geographer at the first night :) 

Babes you all light up my world 

That's all for today , TATA 

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