Saturday, July 07, 2012

Singapore 3 days 2 nights trip

Finally I done ! uploaded all these photos almost one week , yay ! 

Day 1

Baby Carlson :)

The hotel we stayed up for three days :) 

 This dessert is awesome :)  -----Boulange 

Decoration in the hotel 

egg tart 

Universal studio , whee :) 

The Malaysia culture food street  

heh , my lunch :) 

This boy was cute :) cousin - Oscar 

Shu Ting

Cousin - Auston


Festive Hotel

I slept here , heh ! comfortable !

Sentosa Island

Next station ->  Chinatown

Pop-corn machine at Singapore 7-eleven 

Next station -> Food replubic (dinner time)

Back to Sentosa Island for the waterfall show - Lake Of Dream

Fire !

Day 2 

Off to Woodlands 

Lunch time :)

The curry laksa over there was awesome :)

Starbucks frappucino-Mocha :)

Fresh Cherry

This is so cute

Back to Sentosa Island 

We went to the beach , so crowded 

Then , we watch the waterfall show - Song Of The Sea

Sunset , #loves #sky

Ready for the show ? Show time ! :D

High technologist sistem 

 here's a video to share

I can feel the heat 

Next Station -> Marina Bay 

Last station , it's empty ! We went there almost 11 at night , LOL

Reached ! SE favourite shop , CHANNEL 

The outside of Marina Bay Shopping Center

We were so lucky can rush to watch the show 



The show was awesome :) watched 3 waterfall show in 3 days :DD

The nice view outside Marina Bay 

This LV shop is huge ! AWWWW 

My California Coffee shop ? :P

There's a Art & Science Museum besides Marina Bay Shopping Center

The Exchibition - Harry Potter 

Unlucky it had close when we reached there , no time to visit 

Supper time !

Okay , after supper , we went back to sentosa island at almost 1 o'clock midnight

Day 3

Luge and Skyride !

Noob sister with the luge

Pahlawan Beach

Last lunch in Singapore

When we crossing Custom 

The moon was so nice that night :) 

A memorable and nice trip i ever had .

Chiaos :)

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