Monday, February 06, 2012

Shabu Shabu

enjoy the day with gurls ♥

1st , we went mid watch viral factor , i've been watch the 2nd time, but still nice :)


Angelica & Ben Jing  ♥


outside Shu Ee house

W/Jia Yann

W/Ke Qing

I love this picture ♥

W/Jia Yann & Ke Qing


Shabu Shabu ♥

My tomyam 

Panda & Jia Yann

Angelica , roar ♥

Shu Ee & Jia Yann

Whoots, meat? :P

My pot :D

W/Shu Ee

Lastly , we go Taipei Walker bought pearl milk tea, my favourite, it vli nice :D

enjoy my day with babies ♥

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